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Clash Project 6th Edition

The Clash Project investigates what work for the body could be. It centers on the participants response to make an outfit that is wearable on the catwalk. Again, the 6th edition of the Clash Project is a collection not just made by one person, but by 10 that are referring on their existing, everyday work with the body as a platform.


The invited participants are designer Ola Mirecka who played with Lego colors as she currently designs for them, artist Raoul Zöllner together with Viola from the blog Pinar Viola experiments with white socks, recently graduated jewelry maker Minou Lejeune that acts more like a stylist in her work and Shana Teugels made an outfit that shapes her kitch materials into a mermaid dress. Sanne Vaasen developed a previous work into a human worn cocoon, as jewelry design Gabriel Guevera pushed a detail of a existing brooch into an illuminated art work and Benten Clay’s human excess come in form of a bear mask. Shaping material in form brought the girls from Ioia together which is reflected in the light blue foam suit, Dennis Vanderbroek gets fringy and shows flesh, acting it out in his performance and Marie Claire Krell brings it all down to a strong translation of her sculptural artwork involving scenario with a pinball gun.


Again, in its 6th year, it gives an experimental context. The results are unexpected bodysuits and abstract visions of its maker that are different in colour, shape and material. None of the 10 outfits for this editions look alike. There is no trend factor. The opportunity creates a vast range of possible links between the disciplines. The select of participants scrambles linear approaches to produce unexpected constellations, revealing powerful connections between the participants profession and contribution.

By Matylda Krzykowski

Photography by Karen Kikkert




Sanne Vaassen (Artist) NL
Dennis Vanderbroeck (Artist) NL
Marie Claire Krell (Artist) NL
Ioia (Product Designers) NL
Shana Teugels (Jewellery Designer) BE
Benten Clay (Artist Duo) DE
Minou Lejeune (Jewellery Designer) NL
Raoul Zöllner & Viola (Artists) DE/NL
Ola Mirecka (Product Design) PL
Gabriel Guevara (Designer) NL


To share your project, please email: with subject line: WORK SUBMISSION.


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