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Collages by K Young

I make hand-cut, analog collages using found imagery sourced from magazines and books. I enjoy the tactile quality of the paper and the act of cutting into it, as well as the physical restrictions of using what I can find, and so I choose not to work digitally.


Sometimes I use minimal intervention to transform an existing image to suggest a new narrative or meaning. Other times the cutting is more involved with the pieces being physically woven together. Occasionally, I include abstract drawing. Either way, I try to suggest a pictorial space or dimension that doesn’t usually exist in a single, 2D photograph.

The themes I explore are personal and are usually subconscious at the time of making, but they are clear to me afterward, a little like remembering a dream I suppose. Often they are about people inhabiting space through time, or they suggest restriction, struggle and a sense of place, all of which I see as being part of the human condition.


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