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Jewelry Astrology

Find Your Cosmic Match!

Capricorn: Popular Jewelry


It’s time for your cosmic homecoming, Cap! Your ruling planet Saturn is in the midst of its return, having last passed through Capricorn in ‘88 – the same year Chiokva (Eva) Sam founded Popular Jewelry. You can find Ms. Sam and her cult following at her Canal Street store 365 days a year, making her one of the only businesswomen with enough hustle to rival a Capricorn. Gold chains and rings line the shop alongside photos of celebrity clients posing with Ms. Sam; the A$AP Mob even affectionately gave her the nickname “A$AP Eva”. In an increasingly gentrifying city, Popular Jewelry stands out for another trait shared with Capricorns: authenticity. Just as the sea goat doesn’t put up facades, this family-run business treats all customers as an extension of their own. So, as a reminder: do not resist the taskmaster planet, embrace Saturn’s tough love, and go cash in on that rare cosmic karma at Popular Jewelry.

Taurus: Marla Aaron


Taurus babies are born in the bucolic days of springtime. Consequently, this earth sign is best at taking pleasure in the luxuries of the material world. Guided by their ruling planet – Venus, the planet of love, the bull of the zodiac would adore all shapes and sizes of Marla Aaron’s signature locks. An inlaid one with a stunning gold chain will have its wearer feeling alive in their own body, like Tauruses do every single day. You know how to work hard to create the paradise you crave. More than a love boat, you, Taurus, are full of tenacity, strength, and a desire for security – the symbol for all of which should, of course, be beautiful too.

Marla Aaron

Virgo: SPUR Jewelry (Simone Paasche)


SPUR Jewelry is a brand that embodies all of the best Virgo traits. Never one to shy away from a task, Virgo’s energy will help tackle all of those neglected projects, or in SPUR’s case, jewelry pieces. Simone Paasche and Sophie Fader founded the brand that “renovates” unworn treasures. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of thought and communication, Virgos use their sharp minds to improve the world around them, the way SPUR’s hand-carved malachite upgrades a previously ordinary pair of diamond studs. Deeply rooted in the material world and the body, discerning Virgos would approve of SPUR’s practice of recycling metal and gemstones into new jewelry. Out of the whole zodiac, Virgos are the most supportive and caring friends, making them the ideal cosmic match for a jewelry brand run thoughtfully by two childhood pals.

Libra: Ruta Reifen


As the celestial aesthetes, you Libras will swoon over nothing faster than the luscious gold and bright gemstones of Ruta Reifen’s fine jewelry. Libra is symbolized by the scales, which represent harmony, justice, and partnership. Catch these air signs floating along, daydreaming about fairytale endings filled with jewelry as beautiful as Reifen’s. Paired with gems that sparkle like the sign’s constellation, Ruta’s exquisite surface textures speak to a Libra-style romance with the natural world. Libra’s energy extends beyond love, to meaningful connections between everyone in their lives. Your cosmic magic exists in every future heirloom, every glittering earring with sentimental value, and heart-swelling gift of jewelry to any loved one. The magic that exists inside these chic, layered pieces is enough to cast an interstellar love spell, but be careful who opens that jewelry box! The recipient might be so starry-eyed they’ll get whisked away to Venus, Libra’s ruling planet.

Ruta Reifen

Gemini: Susan Alexandra


Nobody can be sure if those glittering lights are Gemini’s effervescent ideas or a shower of shooting stars! Your zodiac sign, Gemini, is represented by the twins Castor and Pollux, who must have duplicated themselves so they could wear more of Susan Alexandra’s jewelry. Geminis are characterized by expressiveness, just like this fun-loving jewelry brand, which has as many beads as you Geminis have personalities. It’s not that you’re two-faced, this sign just isn’t afraid to be many things at once, and never a bore. The tails of these starry earrings can be heard swinging and jingling together as Gemini shoots from one endeavor to the next. This air sign is dazzled by the whole world, and dazzles the whole world in return.

Aquarius: Taisha Carrington


Represented by the water bearer, Aquarius is a celestial healer who bestows life upon the lands. Touched by Aquarius social mindedness and imagination, Taisha Carrington’s Woke in the Wake series combs apart colonial mindsets by using afro hair as her most precious material when making her jewelry. Carrington’s jewelry also frames the face, allowing Aquarians to look you in the eyes and tell you their vision for changing the world. That vision will likely share themes with these earrings – deep love for community, parity, and investment in a collective future. An air sign with ideas as fresh as the Caribbean breeze of Carrington’s home, Barbados, the water bearers lead all of us towards a better world. We should follow them there by appreciating the tender and beautiful work of this young jeweler.

Taisha Carrington

Cancer: MJ Tyson


MJ Tyson is the only jeweler of these horoscopes whose work is operating at anywhere near a Cancer’s level of emotional intensity. After melting down pieces of familial jewelry, MJ leaves us with the feelings they stir up – the complex, immense, and deeply loving… or not! Nobody else quite understands this tenderness like you July babies ruled by the intimacy-governing Moon. The crab constellation is a big softie, full of love under that spiny shell! Tyson’s series Inheritance prompts the whole zodiac to consider lineage, legacy, and favor, regardless of whether they are used to navigating the depths of those emotional waters like a Cancer can.

Pisces: L’Enchanteur


The jewelry brand L’Enchanteur, which takes inspiration from all things mythological, magical, and spiritual, is a perfect match for the most psychically sensitive sign in the zodiac. You Pisces are touched by clairvoyance derived from Neptune. From the unknowable shores of this planet of dreams, come recollections of ancient times which inspire the glyphs on L’Enchanteur’s designs. The profound messages written on these jewels reflect the intuition of the two fishes – who, as the last zodiac sign, carry all the lessons and wisdom from the entire astrological year. Even earth signs can capture a little bit of that Pisces magic with jewelry from the twin founders, Dynasty and Soull Ogun, who swim between the worlds of fantasy and reality with their jewelry.


Scorpio: Bitchfist


Nothing is sexier than a sign that knows what it wants, and Scorpio knows, and boy, do they want! Scorpio governs deep, thrumming desire, the most intimate parts of the body. Consequently, a perfect jewelry pairing for the gothic and glamorous water sign is the brand Bitchfist, whose spikes and chains take inspiration from kink aesthetics. Scorpios are also tied to a level of fearlessness, your energy encouraging people to probe their unconscious minds, free themselves from repression, and wear intimidating jewelry. Put on some eight-inch spikes from this one-woman business and open yourself up to the wildness of the world in all of its Scorpio-inspired intensity. That intensity comes from not one, but two ruling planets: Mars (associated with action) and Pluto (associated with transformation). Even after Scorpio season ends on November 22, we all can take some action and transform into someone as enigmatic as a Scorpio with this genderless bitchwear.

Sagittarius: Catbird


Sagittarius is the most philosophical sign of the zodiac – your pursuit of knowledge will lead you on adventures as numerous as the arrows in your archer’s quiver. Follow the celestial paths of these arrows and they will wrap around you like the delicately layered chains of the Brooklyn-based fine jewelry brand, Catbird. A fire sign, Sagittarians are warm and enigmatic. People are drawn to your sparkly magnetism just as they might be to layers of this every day jewelry. You and your fellow archers might be more inclined to get a custom-sized gold chain zapped onto your wrist so that it will be with you wherever you may roam.


Aries: Ashley Khirea Wahba


As the first sign of the astrological calendar, you Aries revel in being number one. The ram is joyfully unbothered by convention, and could easily be adorned with the phrases like “I’m Right” and “Fuck You Pay Me” – found on the charms in this collection by Ashley Khirea Wahba. This Aries energy makes it easy to be playfully assertive with a belly piercing or chain. A cosmic equal of the sign that’s said to govern the head, Wahba’s work makes heady use of declarative statements and riffs on luxury brand logos and other cultural icons. Aries is the sign that represents the singular spirit, making them officially and celestially, “2 Cute For U”. But others shouldn’t be intimidated by your self-determination! The pure will of this pairing makes space for all of the other zodiac signs to demand more from the status quo.

Leo: Georgina Treviño


Nothing elicits male tears like all of you Leos, you’re simply unafraid to be extraordinary. Georgina Treviño’s earrings are impossible to ignore, making them the purrrrfect jewelry for the lion of the zodiac. It’s no surprise that so many celebrities and tastemakers like fellow fire signs Lady Gaga and Yalitza Aparicio have been seen sporting her designs. Leos consider themselves royalty – whether in the jungle, in life, or the zodiac. This results in an affinity for drama and boldness, on par with a pair of earrings from Treviño’s Pierced collection. The sun rules over you, Leo, giving you its inner light, and your governorship of the heart could have you eliciting the very most male tears out there. But you don’t have to be a Leo to be an expert in breaking hearts, just get yourself a pair of Treviño’s rule defying earrings.

Georgina Trevino

This article is published in the 2019 New York City Jewelry Week Paper, the result of a collaboration between Current Obsession and NYCJW.


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