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Obsessed! Paper

Materiality and process are the key drivers in these investigative works of jewellery. The maker’s mentality leads with new materialism inspired approaches that centre matter over product, and process over result. Finished pieces constructed of utilitarian wax, handmade materials derived to evoke the environment from which they are drawn, and precious materials employed to form ‘disposable objects’, serve to challenge our associations with value. Materiality fetish is a purpose in and of itself, and the cult of process prescribes thinking through making to unlock the mysteries of the everyday. Subverting functionality and other industrial ideals through slow craft, and examining what jewellery can do to make a difference, these object interventions are here to ask the big questions.

Samantha Sloane, Crab Cluster Ring, 2023, Crab shell, Bioresin, Opal, Bronze, Photo Richard Valencia



Paramnesia, curated by Glasgow based jewellers, Kristina Merchant and Samantha Sloane, celebrates a body of work that challenges viewers’ perception of preciousness and value. The showcase will include wearable artworks that take on the form of existing objects, which in reality, are constructed in alternative ways. Both artists are inspired by found objects that resonate with their own lived experiences, as well as working with different types of metal, minerals, and gemstones.

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Group Exhibition

Samantha Sloane, Kristina Merchant


Date: 18–19.11.2023

Opening Times: 13:00–18:00

Opening Event: 17.11.2023, 17:00–20:30

Location: De Wasserij – Sint-Agathastraat 54, 3037 SH Rotterdam, Netherlan





‘Tim is obsessed with building things. This is usually followed by his trademark grunting. He is also somewhat obsessed with modifying machines and household appliances for ‘more power’ (a favorite catchphrase of his), because he likes doing things the ‘man’s way’.’ This is how a fandom page of Home Improvement, the American sitcom from the 90s describes its protagonist. For OBSESSED! Jewellery Festival 2023, Anna Tamm & Triin Kukks’ interest in active and idle work and what remains to be recorded in the accelerated change of the urban environment around us, is joined by a common memory of growing up with Home Improvement. This shared experience sparks conversations about fast and slow work, the thin line between useful and useless; soft and hard values. This research will take form as an exhibition of the duo’s exploration of the aforementioned topics and is open to the public in Amsterdam.

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Group Exhibition

Anna Tamm, Triin Kukk


Date & Time: 01–30.11.2023

Opening Times: 24/7

Opening Event: 10.11.2023, 19:00–21:00

Location: Zijlstra’s Hardware –  Tweede Nassaustraat 40–42–44, 1052 BP Amsterdam, Netherlands



Triin Kukk, Fossils from the future, carved granite, 2021, Courtesy of the artist
Candles, Paris, 2022, Beewax, Courtesy of the artist



Behind the scenes of a jewellery practice, there is often a scent of burn, a thread made of smoke, and sticky fingers. The hands carve and knead, press and brush off . The mouth curls up to fill itself with air, and blows to cool down the burning wax. Behind the scenes there is wax, so much softer and so much different than metal: unwearable, fickle, weak and shapeless when facing the heat.

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Group Exhibition

Margherita Chinchio, Marguerite Bones, Martina Turini


Date: 11–12.11.2023

Opening Times: 11:00-18:00

Opening Event: 10.11.2023, 17:00–21:00

Exhibition: 11–12.11.2023, 11:00–8:00

Location: Yohara Vintage – Lutmastraat 193, 1074 TV Amsterdam, Netherlands






All series are characterised by the same minimalist, abstract movement which transforms through countless iterations, and by a great structural rigidity. The term ‘motion’ in general signifies a continuous change in the configuration of a physical system. ‘Every serial piece I make seems to be a message from my future self. While everything is changing and is constantly in motion, so are we.’

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Solo Exhibition

Silke Fleischer


Date: 02–30.11.2023, Thursdays–Saturdays

Opening Times: 14:00–18:00

Please note that 11.11 is a public holiday and the gallery will be closed.

Location: valerie_traan gallery – Reyndersstraat 12, Antwerp, Belgium 2000



Silke Fleischer, 2023, White Gold Steel, Photo Miles Fischler
Kathleen Reilly, Neozephyrus japonicus, butterfly cast in tin alloy, 2023, Photo Kosuke Shimasaki



From 10–12 November, Awn Collective is exhibiting jewellery and body-related objects at the location, Ms. Tarnweg 14, 1033 SK Amsterdam. Through collaboration and exchange, Awn will explore new ways of working together, adapting and interacting to challenge their individual practices to produce work that responds to and reflects on their current situations. Awn’s entangled approaches aim to challenge the anthropocentric, dualistic notion that humans are distinct from, and of higher importance than, the nonhuman world around us.

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Group Exhibition

Josephine Winther, Marie Rimmen, Ruth Gilmour, Kathleen Reilly, Gitte Nygaard


Date: 10–12.11.2023

Opening Times:

10–11.11.2023, 12:00–19:00

12.11.2023, 12:00–17:00

Location: Ms. Tarnweg 14, 1033 SK Amsterdam, Netherlands




Come Rain or Come Shine is the most recent edition of MOVING THINGS, a collaboration project by Jeanette Jansen and Gésine Hackenberg. Gésine Hackenberg’s latest works emerge from urban nature observations in the small moments of resignation: The clouds that move across the sky, but also the scenes on the ground, such as water birds along the river Amstel. The macrocosm mirroring itself in the microcosm.

The Spark bird for Jeannette Jansen’s, The Airborne Stuff Collection, was the dove – Holy Spirit and military messenger, sign of love and peace, highly respected and loathed at the same time. The plumes, droplets and a rocket-like shapes are part of the same visual story. The exact narrative remains obscured, each symbol ambivalent in itself; it is a tangible stream of consciousness one is looking at.

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Gésine Hackenberg, Jeannette Jansen

Date & Time: 11–12.11.2023 Opening Times: 11:00–20:00

Location: Second Nature Restaurant–Potgieterstraat 47, Amsterdam, 1053XS @themanyfold


Gésine Hackenberg, Coot, 2023, Textile, Silver, Courtesy of the artist
Image: Liesbet Bussche, Brick by Brick, Pendant, 2023, Found brick, Hand-woven, Courtesy of the artist



In recent years, artistic research has gained an increasingly important position within artists’ practices, both within an art and an education context, as a way of acquiring, generating and sharing knowledge. Simultaneously, ‘practice-based research’ is a complex concept to grasp, and generates room for discussion, certainly within craft-based disciplines, often dominated by functionality, and where social and cultural relevance are sometimes secondary to artistry and physical outcomes. The exhibition, WIE WAT VINDT HEEFT SLECHT GEZOCHT, unites eight researchers and artists affliated with PXL-MAD School of Arts, Hasselt, Belgium, to examine their practices in the (broad) discipline of jewellery and body-related objects.

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Group Exhibition

Researchers and alumni from PXL-MAD, hosted by Atelier David Gotlib in Antwerp: Anneleen Swillen, Charlotte Vanhoubroeck, Jesse Magee, Joani Groenewald, Liesbet Bussche, Madeli Viljoen, Maria Konschake, Patricia Domingues

Date: 24–26.11.2023

Opening Times: Friday 12:00-19:00, Saturday 11:00–20:00, Sunday 11:00–17:00

Opening Event: 25.11.2023, 18:00 Location: Atelier David Gotlib– Korte Klarenstraat 9, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium @atelierdavidgotlib




My world seems to be in a constant change. I look outside of my window and our world is in a constant change too. They say that this is the constant, that this is just the way of things. But this time it feels different……. This time it appears to be happening so much faster (how can, or should we, try to slow this down?), it seems so much more complex (how do we untangle that?), it is confusing and chaotic (where can we fi nd the links?). It sometimes seems to be more and more out of my or our control… As a jeweller, how can I help? How can I do something useful? As a jeweller, can I Make a Difference?

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Group Exhibition

All first, second, and third year Bachelor students of the jewellery department under the direction of Tim Carson.


Date: 24–26.11.2023

Opening Times: 11:00–17:00

Location: Showroom @Sint Lucas Antwerp– Van Schoonbekestraat 143, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium


Tim Carson, 'Fake Badge' : MDF, Paint: 2022

Cover image: Tim Carson, ‘I Am Invisible’ : MDF, Paint : 2022; Courtesy of the artist.


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