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Dutch Invertuals

‘Advanced Relics'

Featured at Salone Del Mobile , Milan, 12 – 17 April, Dutch Invertuals unveiled a glimpse into the future of design with the brand new exhibition ‘Advanced Relics’. Ten designers have been challenged to contemplate the meaning of physicality and identity in an increasingly digital world.

Over the past six years, Dutch Invertuals has realized fourteen outstanding exhibitions, being at the forefront of influential and experimental design. Through the numerous esteemed designers it has produced, Dutch Invertuals manages to repeatedly captive its audience and presents an unequivocal vision on the future of design while challenging and pushing the boundaries of their capabilities.


Campaign Visuals Dutch Invertuals by Bastiaan de Nennie, specially made for the ‘Advanced Relics’ exhibition.

For the fifth time they presented new works at O’during the Salone del Mobile. Within thecontext of the future way of life, the designers explore the aesthetics and complexities of an increasingly virtual world, leaving behind the ‘old world’ with its outdated and sluggish systems. The intangible world is gaining ground, allowing us to renegotiate meaning and understanding of matter in a highly liquidized context. New rituals emerge; new forms of worship and devotion arise. We create relics to comfort our spirits. They prove and reflect our identity, mark our progress and verify our humanity. The result is a collection of contemporary relics, showing their precision, skills, symbolism and phenomena.


Designers: Bastiaan de Nennie, Carlo Lorenzetti, Daniel de Bruin, Edhv, Hongjie Yang, Nel Verbeke, Studio Truly Truly, Tijmen Smeulders.
Curated by Wendy Plomp

overview image by Floor Knaapen
Nel Verbeke, image by Floor Knaapen
Studio Truly Truly, image by Floor Knaapen
Hongjie Yang, image by Floor Knaapen
Hongjie Yang, image by Ronald Smits
image by Ruy Teixeira
Tijmen Smeulders, image by Floor Knaapen
Tijmen Smeulders, image by Floor Knaapen


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