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Loki Dolor

Loki Dolor is a French-born artist whose work has been featured in Vogue, Dazed Beauty and Hunger Magazine. Loki’s body adornments are truly transformative, taking on the role of a prosthetic or secondary appendage. The works appear weightless, growing out of the wearer’s flesh and springing forth with the digital density of an Instagram face filter.

Loki Dolor - Evil set composition, self portrait - 2019

A masquerade of minute cilia, flames and fins meld with the body, transforming the wearer into something like H.R. Giger’s interpretation of a nudibranch.


Loki Dolor - Scuba nose piece, head made of clay, self portrait - 2019

Where one identity is concealed, another one – inspired by fluidity, connections, intimacy and embodiment – is revealed.

Loki Dolor - Hand-made 3D makeup - 2019 - MUA: Lara Barten - Model: Taishi Nakatsukasa - Image by Damon James Duke

In contrast to the seemingly automated post-digital context in which Loki’s creations reside, each piece is crafted with immense care through delicate hand work, like a ‘lo-fi 3D printer’.

Based on artisanal production processes, Loki’s work takes two main directions: one more commercial, which involves developing custom-made pieces for specific clients such as Hungry and Brooke Candy; and one more artistic, which takes a more experimental approach based on research and critical thinking.

Loki Dolor - Hand-made 3D makeup - 2019 - MUA & model: Lara Barten - Image by Damon James Duke

Loki Dolor - Untitled, self portrait - 2020