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Dominik Cunningham

Dominik Cunningham is a recent Jewellery Design graduate from Central Saint Martins, London. Whilst studying he was awarded the Swarovski Foundation Scholarship and upon graduating received the Theo Fennel Award for best design and the Marzee Graduate Prize.

Cunningham’s practice is an exploration of the black gaze through the medium of bodily adornment. Cunningham defines the black gaze as being an aspect of the black experience, relating to a system of double consciousness from which black people see the world. This way of seeing is particular to the black experience and contains the very real impact of historical and modern day practices such as colonialism and racism.

Spliced Portrait of my Mother - 2022 - cast brass

Ring of Kra - 2022 - Synthetic Sapphire

Cunningham’s sensitivity to a breadth of materials evokes a clear homage to the fullness and scope of black culture and experience. In his work we see the meeting point of personal narrative, craft and expansive story telling, making it deeply contemporary.

All images featured are taken by Dominik.

Anti-Imperial State Necklace - 2022 - recycled aluminium

Portrait of My Mother - 2022 - recycled sterling silver

Neck Ring - 2022 - black porcelain