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Elise Hoebeke

Elise Hoebeke is a contemporary jewellery artist based in Ghent, Belgium. With a background in interior design, Hoebeke went on to study a Masters in Visual Arts at Sint Lucas Antwerp and now teaches on the BA Jewellery Design at Sint Lucas.

The common thread through Hoebeke’s studies and work is the theme of measuring. Interested by proportion, Hoebeke’s practice explores space, object and jewellery, all investigated within a body-related scale.

Diamond or Brick? - 2022 - Paper Print

Baguette or Brick? - 2022 - paper print

Hoebeke’s varied use of material, relating to recognisable construction brick and measuring standards, helps to further strengthen the link between jewellery and interiors. Furthermore, every object is designed by and for humans and this results in a thoughtful but pleasingly juxtaposed aesthetic.

All images featured are taken by Elise.

Transmutation d’une brique: quatrième phase - 2022 - cut brick

Transmutation d’une brique: première phase précieuse - 2022 - red gemstone - I.c.w. Studio DO

Transmutation d’une brique: bracelet en brique - 2022 - found brick, cut brick