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Maureen Kortenbusch

Maureen Kortenbusch studied at the Maastricht Institute of Arts, The Netherlands, where she developed a fascination with the field of contemporary jewellery. Her graduate work ‘The Adorning Entities’ is the expression of her burgeoning interest in jewellery and her animistic beliefs coming together.

Since childhood Kortenbusch has viewed our surrounding matter as more than just a collection of inanimate objects. She sees objects as creatures formed in a collaborative process between matter and maker; they are entities with stories, characters and desires of their own. Some of these entities want to be worn, others are hesitant to touch, but all of the adorning bodies that Kortenbusch creates hold far more meaning than their forms may reveal at first glance.

The Quiet Globule of Air - 2022 - abandoned plastic pearl, borosilicate glass, zirconia stones, gold and silver glass paint, glass lustre, silver wire, crushed beads, resin

A Billowy Flock of Dust - 2022 - abandoned plastic teddybear, pearls, borosilicate glass, zirconia stones, crushed plastic beads, 3d pen filament, resin

To Kortenbusch, her objects and jewellery embody a shift in the way of viewing matter, the environment and the process of creation. She uses an assortment of materials: precious, found and upcycled, to form and imitate unique personalities to deliver captivating and thought provoking offerings.

All images featured are taken by Daniela Petrovic.

The Bean Size Beam of Light - 2022 - abandoned turquoise mascara wand, borosilicate glass, zirconia stones, resin

The Jealous Jelly - 2022 - abandoned button, borosilicate glass, zirconia stones, pearls