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Sulo Bee

Sulo Bee earned their BFA from Texas State University with a focus in Metals & Jewellery in 2018, and went on to gain their MFA from SUNY New Paltz, New York in 2022. Bee has exhibited work internationally as well as being featured both in print and on digital platforms.

Bee is a co-founder of the Queer Metalsmiths organisation which seeks to honour and uplift queer voices in the field of craft. Their work likewise is a statement of the lived experiences they encounter as a Trans Non-Binary person, producing wearable pieces that are a response and materialisation of these often fragmented narratives.

FL0W3R_P0TT3D - 2022 - Copper, brass, epoxy, rubber, patina, spray paint

H0LY_T04$T - 2022 - Copper, brass, nickel-silver, steel, spray paint

Through the use of experimental techniques in metalworking and printmaking, Bee aims to  find the balance of pioneering a new visual language and creating a space for belonging. They address the grey area between self and contemporary society, harnessing colour and the process of transformation to deal with what can be considered opposing entities.

All images featured are taken by Sulo.

C4$TL3_$TR3TCH3D&FL0WURZ2 - 2022 - copper, nickel-silver, brass, spray paint, patina, rubber

W3iiGHT_OF_TH4_ST4RZ - 2021 - Brass, silver, acrylic sheet, stickers, ramen wrapper, nylon

D0_U_B3Li3V3_iN_M3 - 2022 - copper, brass, silver, shell, epoxy, spray paint, stickers