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Megumi Shauna Arai: Hand History

Megumi is a fine art and commercial photographer based out of Seattle, WA. Her work is consistently about stripping away the layers and walls we use to protect ourselves. In revealing each person’s raw humanity, she believes people can truly relate to one another and share understanding and compassion.

“I began to notice how full of personality hands were when I started looking at many for a commercial jewellery shoot. Every person has a distinct memory infused relationship with his or her hands. They are what connect us to the world and our own identity in an instinctual fashion. I decided to start documenting the hands of creative people around my city. This was the birth of Hand History. I am currently in the middle of fundraising and shooting. I hope to include another 30 plus people.”

Find more work by Megumi here:
instagram @oneflewup


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