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Most Brilliant

Part of OBSESSED! Jewellery Festival 2019!

Why Antwerp is Truly the Diamond Capital of the World

From the sixteenth century onwards, Antwerp’s Grote Markt and its surrounding streets were the place to buy silver, gold and precious stones. Anyone with a predilection for brilliant luxury was inevitably drawn to the window displays of the jewellers and the silver and goldsmiths in this neighbourhood. At the moment, one in six creative entrepreneurs is established in Antwerp. The city is a breeding ground for talent. Antwerp’s fashion designers, for example, are world famous. Moreover, Antwerp is the world centre of the diamond trade, so it should come as no surprise that the city’s talented designers are very skilled at turning precious stones and metals into unique items of jewellery.

Nadine Wijnants, ©Noortje Palmers
Adelin, ©Noortje Palmers

As the oldest, largest and purest diamond trading centre, Antwerp has clearly earned its stripes as a Diamond Capital. As early as 1447, the city took the initiative to guarantee the quality and fair trade of diamonds. The centuries-old traditions of the diamond trade have helped shape the city’s identity and diversity. They explain why 70 different nationalities and communities now speak the same language here in Antwerp today: namely, the language of diamonds. To ensure quality and buyer confidence, the city of Antwerp created the quality label Antwerp’s Most Brilliant.

Adelin, ©Noortje Palmers

If you are looking for something different, unique or extraordinary, we are certain that you will find it in Antwerp. Antwerp’s Most Brilliant, the quality certificate of the City of Antwerp and the World Diamond Centre, will point you in the right direction. This certificate is awarded to jewellers who meet rigorous quality requirements. Thanks to this label you can buy jewellery confidently. More info:

I.Ma.GI.N jewels, ©Noortje Palmers

List of Antwerp’s Most Brilliant Jewellers

1 Adelin Steenhouwersvest 43, 2000 Antwerp 

2 Adin Vestingstraat 16, 2018 Antwerp 

3 Colman Jewelry & Watches Eiermarkt 7, 2000 Antwerp 

4 Diamani Jewels Pelikaanstraat 66, 2018 Antwerp 

5 Diamond Blue Vestingstraat 77, 2018 Antwerp 

6 Diamondland Appelmansstraat 33a, 2018 Antwerp 

7 Gerhild Kirchner Oude Koornmarkt 51, 2000 Antwerp 

8 I.Ma.GI.N Jewels Steenhouwersvest 11, 2000 Antwerp 

9 Joaillerie du Centre Vestingstraat 14, 2018 Antwerp 

10 Juwelen Henri Dom Vestingstraat 53, 2018 Antwerp 

11 Juwelen Orogem Vestingstraat 38, 2018 Antwerp 

12 Juwelenhuis Ruys Sint-Jorispoort 26, 2000 Antwerp 

13 Juwelier Slaets De Keyserlei 46-48, 2018 Antwerp / 

Schuttershofstraat 30b, 2000 Antwerp 

14 Nadine Wijnants Kloosterstraat 26, 2000 Antwerp 

15 Nico Taeymans Steenhouwersvest 17, 2000 Antwerp 

16 Oriane Diamonds Suikerrui 13–15, 2000 Antwerp 

17 Orsini Diamonds De Keyserlei 32, 2018 Antwerp 

18 Rayjo Rijfstraat 6, 2018 Antwerp 

19 Rembrandt Jordan Wijngaardstraat 18, 2000 Antwerp 

20 RÖELL Jewellery Empire Shopping Center Boutique 8+9 Appelmansstraat 25, 2018 Antwerp 

21 Rudiam Appelmansstraat 8, 2018 Antwerp 

22 Van der Veken Juweliers Vestingstraat 42, 2018 Antwerp 

23 Wim Meeussen Goudsmederij Wijngaardstraat 11, 2000 Antwerp 

24 Wouters & Hendrix Steenhouwersvest 52, 2000 Antwerp 


DIVA, a brilliant museum
DIVA is the new museum for diamonds, jewellery and silver in Antwerp. Superb craftmanship, fascinating stories, impressive sets and deep sentiments await you in this brilliant museum. A themed exhibition trail will take you on a journey through Antwerp’s diamond story, from its illustrious past to awe-inspiring present. Some 600 objects from DIVA’s collection are presented in ways that allow for meaningful engagement. DIVA is located close to the quays in the heart of the historic centre of Antwerp. So, whether you plan to come on foot or by bicycle, boat, public transport or car, the museum is very easy to reach.

‘Room of Wonder II: Wouters & Hendrix’ ©frederikbeyens

Room of Wonder II: Wouters & Hendrix
(13–09–2019 until 16–02–2020)

Enter the surrealist world of the jewellery designers Wouters & Hendrix. Over the next few years, DIVA is inviting very special guest curators to present their interpretations of a Wunderkammer or cabinet of wonders. For the second Room of Wonder in the series, the jewellery design duo Wouters & Hendrix has been given carte blanche to look back at what has amazed and inspired them over the years. They dug deep into their archive to retrieve some of their own iconic creations, and these are now on display alongside gems from DIVA’s collection as well as works of modern and contemporary art and some other curiosities.

‘Room of Wonder II: Wouters & Hendrix’ ©frederikbeyens

This article is published
in the OBSESSED! Jewellery Festival Paper.
OBSESSED! is a biennial jewellery festival taking place in various cities across the Netherlands. OBSESSED! unites the best jewellery-related events – museum and gallery exhibitions, talks, fairs, book presentations and artist open studios – into one intriguing programme put together by Current Obsession.


OBSESSED! in Antwerp

Saturday 23 November

Visit DIVA, permanent collection or Room of Wonder II: Wouters & Hendrix

Opening hours 10:00–18:00

Ticket €10

Location Suikerrui 17-19, 2000 Antwerp

De Gouden Straatjes

Guided Tour passing 17 fine jewellers in the Antwerp’s fashion district.

Start 13:00 at DIVA (1,5 hours)

End 14:30 at Galerie Beyond

Language Dutch (in the event of high demand, also in English)

Ticket €15

It is possible to walk this tour without guide. Pick up a route map at DIVA.

Galerie Beyond – Talk ‘7 minutes in heaven’

Galerie Beyond invites several artists to present their work in 7 minutes. All along with a drink and a bite.

Ticket €10

Location Sint-Jorispoort 27, 2000 Antwerp

From 14:30 – 18:00

Language English

The above events can be booked separately, but we also offer them together for a special package price of € 25,-. This grants you access to: Room of Wonder II: Wouters & Hendrix, the Gouden Straatjes guided walk, and 7 Minutes in Heaven.


Tickets are available via

Antwerp’s Most Brilliant Special Events 


Visit Adelin for a selected collection of jewels dating from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco period. Salomon Wijnberg will also offer free styling advice. 

From 10:00–18:00 

Location Steenhouwersvest 43, 2000 Antwerp



Visit Adin Antique Jewelry, established in 1983 and located in the heart of the Diamond District. Elkan Wijnberg estimates the value of your jewels. 

From 11:00–17:00 

Location Vestingstraat 16, 2000 Antwerp


Huis Nadine Wijnants 

A healthy balance of living intensely, experience and survival and old-school stubbornness: meet Nadine Wijnants and listen to her approach, techniques and flexibility. 

From 10:00–18:00 (1,5 hours) 

Ticket €10 

Reservation via e-mail: 

Location Kloosterstraat 26, 2000 Antwerp 


Wouters & Hendrix
Join us on Saturday 23 November from 10am till 12pm for an on-the-spot polish of your Wouters & Hendrix jewelry in our flagship store in Antwerp.
Location Steenhouwersvest 52, 2000 Antwerp


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