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Expanding Terrains: Konstfack Masters of Craft graduates

Stockholm Craft Week 2021

The masters of craft graduates have created smaller pockets of exhibitions within the wider show; a clever way to navigate the curation of a show that encompasses a spectrum of different disciplines and topics. Situated within a former boiler plant, the gallery space Panncentralen has a raw and industrial personality. A fitting space to house this emerging group of artists and crafters as they show the culmination of two years of breaking down, rebuilding and redefining their practices. The theme of the exhibition, “Expanding Terrains”, inhabits the nooks and crannies of the space and offers visitors an insight into the landscape of possibilities within contemporary craft today.

Amanda Nordqvist

Through the Grid

The Grid structure as a recurring element throughout art history plays a crucial role in the work of Amanda Nordqvist. Through a set of textile paintings, she experiments and dissects colour in different consistencies, relating to questions of image construction and transformative qualities. Nordqvist’s work is a visually striking blend of craft practice, visual culture and painting tradition. 

Untitled (Spree)

Rumbling Through / Fruängen

Elin Sundström

Water Talks

Craft as a medium is used in Sundström’s practice to connect with nature and dissolve human-non-human hierarchies. Her work features site-specific ritualistic performance; immersion in landscapes and water. She treats materials and landscape with meditative gentle care; a process of making and recording, her way to interpret the human’s place within the natural world.

The Gyre
The gravel pit

Veronika Muráriková

Have you heard my jewellery?

Questioning the boundaries of the contemporary jewellery field, Muráriková’s project intertwines jewellery, fine art and sound. A cocktail of disciplines leans on each other to create an installation with jewellery quietly at the core. Alluring, tactile materials and textures engage the senses and invite a placement of the body within the installation.

photo by Michelle Bondulich

Rasmus Nossbring

Things That Might Have Happened

Using vintage glass moulds from Reijmyre Glassworks, Nossbring’s work manages to merge tradition with humor and personal history. Reproduced and reassembled glass figurines from the factory’s production are an insightful reflection of the investigation of one’s memories and identity. The colorful glossy characters are speculative depictions of events that might or might not have happened. 

The Wedding, Snailruss, Handbend

Exhibiting artists:

Veronika Muráriková, Elin Sundström, Rasmus Nossbring, Frida Nordenlöw, Sara Kallioinen Lundgren, Lisa Maria Pettersson, Teresa Alton Borgelin, Sofia Sipsa, Amanda Nordqvist, Sofi Gunnstedt, Sofia Bahlner, Josefin Gäfvert, Fredda Berg, Eglė Šitkauskaitė, Andrea Forslund Grath, Lea Constan, Camille Wood

This article was commissioned by Stockholm Craft Week 30 September-3 October 2021, and produced by Current Obsession, Veronika Muráriková and Lizzie Abbott.
Photographs by Michelle Bondulich.


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