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Munich Jewellery Week Hub

Exhibitions, Talks, Presentations, Workshops, Happenings

Between the 8th and the 12th of March 2023, MJW Hub offered exhibition spaces to international academies, individual artists and collectives at a unique location in the centre of Munich. The former Galeria Kaufhof was turned into a cultural happening place and the hottest spot downtown Munich.

The MJW Hub was open for public daily, presenting a rich public programme of Social Clubs, panel discussions, tours and live presentations. The Hub will also served as MJW Headquarters and an information point for the visitors.

MJW Hub Programme:


19:00-23:00 — Soft Opening of the Hub with music and drinks

10:00-12:00 — Guided Tour by MJW HUB exhibitors Ellina Pollitt, Jessica Winchcombe, Motoko Furuhashi, Alexandra Page, Lena Munzigs, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Maastricht Instituut of Arts and Gerrit Rietlveld Academie


12:00 — Opening doors for Public


12:00-18:00 — Two spontaneous happenings at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Hub by the exhibiting students.


16:30-18:00 — Performance by Motoko Furuhashi.

‘My work has been influenced by the locations where I have lived or visited. I use clear packing tape as a material and apply it directly on streets to correct segments. This is to show physical evidence of the passage of time. Each collected material become precious pieces of evidence that recall the nostalgia or history of a specific place.’

10:00-12:00 — Jewellery Speed Dating.

Networking event over a cup of coffee. Need for Speed Date: Absence makes the heart grow fonder! After so much time apart, we can’t wait to reunite with you during MJW 2023!

This year, the MJW Hub will be the hotspot to meet and connect. Whether it be with familiar faces or new ones, a reunion is way overdue in our humble opinion. Acknowledging the long-distance relationships, many of our community members have struggled with, we want to make an effort to (re)strengthen the connections that are of fundamental importance to our working-field in jewellery and design.

For this very reason, MJW is asking you out on a business date, a speedy one that is. Business Speed Dating – or Speed Networking – is an effective way of gaining professional contacts or nourish the ones you already have. During the brisk 10-minute-long sessions with all our participating guests of honor, you will have the chance to introduce yourself, hand out an invitation to your show, pitch your good idea or exchange your impressions from the bejewelled Munich!

Are you game?


14:00 — Book launch and Q&A with Marta Costa Reis about the next edition of Lisbon Jewellery Biennial, interviewed by Margaret Munchheimer.


10.03 FRIDAY

11:00-12:00 — Social Club: Pop Up Appearance ‘Through The City Of Munich’. Eight curators carry their white space navigating through the streets of Munich. A mobile presentation by PXL-MAD‘s master students. Artists: Julia Boix-Vives, Nelle Brackeva, Willemien Bruwer, Lara Dheedene, Lars Joosten, Lize Myttenaere, Felien Tytgat & Senneke Van de Wygaert.



14:00-15:45 — Jewellery as Method by Konstfack.

Panel talk, Q&A’s. The contemporary view of jewellery includes the body as an arena for stories. The opportunity to convey a message using an individual’s body, to be one’s own gallery, stands in stark contrast to the generalising narratives about the body and our identities that we are often faced with today. At Jewellery and Corpus/CRAFT! We investigate how jewellery and corpus can be transformed in different practices that focus on the contemporary and future rather than confirming existing notions. This without stepping out of the space we call history. This means that we focus on jewellery and corpus both as method and object. In this discussion we will, based on jewellery and corpus students at Konstfack CRAFT! focus on jewellery as method. This will lead us more into discussions around what jewellery does rather the look of it.

The Corpus and Jewellery programme at Konstfack is a part of the Ma programme CRAFT! CRAFT! offers an international master programme in some of Europe’s most well equipped workshops. As a student, you develop your expertise, at the same time as you have the opportunity to expand and deepen your knowledge and position your work in a contemporary field of craft. CRAFT! is a programme in which we view craft as a relevant method for questioning and challenging the time in which we live and as a tool for critical investigation of, and through, making and materialisation. The programme is characterised by a social engagement anchored in the understanding that craft can exist between and beyond traditional boundaries. The students’ projects and independent development lay the foundations for an exploration of what contemporary craft practices and criticality within the field can be. There is not just one kind of craft, but many! The programme encompasses studio and workshop practises, as well as discussions, seminars, publications, exhibition forms, and immaterial cultural heritage. Here you will get to challenge and be challenged in discussions with both student groups and a team of teachers who are established international artists and theorists.



16:00-18:00 — The Vessel #5 ‘The Outermost Layer’ magazine launch by Norwegian Crafts

Agnieszka Knap, Camilla Luihn, Olaf Hodne

The Vessel #5 ‘The Outermost Layer’ magazine launch marked the release of the latest issue of the magazine, edited by Agnieszka Knap and Camilla Luihn, both of whom are highly acclaimed jewellery artists and art academy educators. The magazine, published by Norwegian Crafts, features a range of articles and interviews with prominent and emerging jewellery artists from the Nordic region. This latest issue, ‘The Outermost Layer,’ investigates the concept of surfaces, performativity, impermanence, and social adornment. The contents delve into the ways in which these elements can be used to enhance and communicate the intended meaning and symbolism behind jewellery. The launch gave an introduction to the issue by Norwegian Crafts, the editors and one or two contributing artists.



19:00-20:00 RCA JaMCABERET

The Jewellery & Metal programme @ the Royal College of Art seeks to unpick the relationship between people and things, pushing beyond the subject-object binary JaM students explore the multiple ways we are entrapped and enthralled by the complex entanglement of the material and immaterial worlds. Through emergent acts of making, JaM believes we can shed new light on these complex and essential relationships, revealing great depths in our understanding of, and being in, the world. As artists and designers, we engage with the making process as an essential way of materialising ideas, thoughts, feelings, offering a space for innovative and radical new ways of approaching jewellery, objects, and metal. We are responsive to the rapidly changing social and cultural landscape, drawing on history and technology in nurturing intellectual and creative skills directed at understanding and pushing forward jewellery and objects of human making. The rich and extensive bodies of knowledge associated with jewellery and metal object-making underpin an approach that is outward-looking and open to the wider discourse of “things” connected to contemporary life. Students can expect to work with, and through, a vast array of material possibilities, exploring a multiplicity of possible narratives.

RCA JaMCABERET: We always knew that matter and meaning could not be separated, that myth, fiction, poiesis and material were enmeshed in the beautiful dance of emergent realities. In our world of quantum uncertainties, emergent properties, artificial intelligences and post-truth murmurations, the embodied knowledge of the artist, the jeweller and the metalworker can/should/will take centre stage. We understand that metal’s solidity is only an anthropocentric vantage point, and that beyond our scale, matter fluctuates in tandem with states of meaning. The RCA JaMCABERET invites you to an evening of performance, objects (with or without meaning), bio-materialisations, digital fluidities, discussion, visual meanderings. Selected works ask questions of engagement and entanglement with technologies, future materials that reflect altered states through responding to the notion of temporality, preciousness (whatever this means) and the fleshy folds, organs and pores that make up our bodies that we celebrate through the act of adornment.

Images by Linus Wietheger

We thank our partner Lissie Kieser and the team of ‘This Is Really Happening’ for their incredibly hard work and generosity in the realisation of this project.

We also thank the incredible DJ’s of the Fancy Footwork for the creating just the right vibes at the hub and the party.

All images by Linus Wietheger


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