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Open call for Current Obsession's digital publishing

Attention jewellery makers, researchers, writers, and aficionados! This call sparkles just for you!

Much has happened over the past year. Current Obsession has taken a fresh direction with its subscription-based publishing. We’ve engaged with you at several in-person events and have been enthralled by the inspiring journeys, research, and debates that keep those wheels turning with unceasing curiosity. Inspired by the events of the last year, we’ve decided to launch an open call to spotlight the most resonant contemporary voices.


We are opening our digital publishing section to writers worldwide, welcoming a diverse range of formats including essays, interviews, mini-series and reviews. Our focus lies on intersectional writing that navigates the realms of art, design, jewellery and craft.


For the upcoming year, we are delving into topics such as Synthesised Beauty, which explores technological advancements in art and culture; Urban Mythology, featuring artistic practices that reimagine tradition and cultural heritage; and Future Legacy, which tackles issues of the lasting impact we make, from sustainability to social responsibility.


To submit, please send us a compelling pitch of no more than 300 words, outlining your proposed topic, perspective, and a list of artists to be featured in the article. Additionally, attach at least one sample of your previous writing and send the ZIP files to


We’re eager to amplify voices that echo the beauty, intricacy and depth. So whether you’re a seasoned scribe or a budding writer, if you have a tale that intertwines with jewellery’s shimmer, we want to hear it. Submit your pitch and let’s craft a story together that resonates, inspires, and sparkles.


Let us hear your voice!

Current Obsession

The selected writers will be compensated according to the Fair Practice Code.


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