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Reproduced Paradise

36 artists from 14 countries exhibiting in an abandoned villa in Budapest


Reproduced Paradise showcases an exciting line-up of artists. This special exhibit puts on display the works of renown Hungarian and international representatives of the contemporary jewellery and art scene.

Adam Grinovich
Lisa Walker
Réka Lőrincz
Zsófia Keresztes
Coco Sung
Gábor Pintér
Gilbert Stach

The artwork on show reveals a thematic split: visual allusions to Paradise hinting at a once Heavenly state on the one hand. On the other, the embodiment of each artist’s unique path to their own idiosyncratic states of Paradise on Earth that may well trigger similar experiences in the eye of the exhibit-visiting beholder.


How can we create our own Earthly Paradise?


We live our frantic daily lives forever chasing fantasy. What we really need is alternatives to guide us back to the Eden of our true desires. Contemporary art can serve as a perfect conduit to the roadmap to who we really are. It can help us absorb, internalize a wellspring of creativity we can draw upon on the path to our own Elysium.


For example the experience while ‘creating’ an artwork can lead the artist into a subjective Paradise – the thus created piece will only be a souvenir of the artist’s individual Eden.

List of Artists: Adam GrinovichArtemis ValsamakiBenczúr EmeseBettina SpecknerBorsos LőrincBrückner JánosCoco SungCsató JózsefDaniel Kruger, Fukui YusukeFüsün Ipek, Gesine HackenbergGisbert StachHelen BrittonHanna Hedman,  Horváth TiborKarl FritschKeresztes ZsófiaKeresztesi BotondKomoróczky TamásLisa WalkerLőrincz RékaMarta MattssonMax SiedentopfPhilip SajetPintér GáborRobOtto-Szabó OttóRose StachSugár JánosSzabó Klára PetraSzemző ZsófiaSzvet TamásTed NotentothmartonemilUglár CsabaZEVS

Literary Contributors: János Áfra, Ákos Forczek (Philosopher, Literary Translator), Gábor Magolcsay-Nagy, Zoltán Sebők

Curators: Réka Lőrincz & Péter Bencze




Exhibition view images by Aron Weber


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