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SO MINT! 气(QI) by Shu Wang

Jewelry and Metal Design at Rochester Institute of technology '21

SO MINT! is a series of posts on fresh graduates in fashion, jewellery and design from around the world. Handpicked by Current Obsession.

In Chinese, 气(QI) could be simply interpreted as air, gas, weather, atmosphere, etc. But it is more commonly used to describe the balance in a spiritual way. The flow of 气(QI) resembles the motion of energy. Whether there is a life or not, the loss of 气(QI) means perish while the existence of 气(QI) represent alive. I used my way to transform 气(QI) into geometrical shape to visualize and render the complex connotation of 气(QI) in the design. Since 气(QI) is invisible, I explored on how to feel or visualized the 气(QI).

Here is a motion work of the exploration on the topic 气(QI):

‘I am a designer mostly working with fashion jewelry and accessory. My past experience in studying science and engineering major encourages me to transform ideas and inspirations geometrically. I like to integrate different materials and media into my design, especially 3D printing. 3D print provides lots of different materials; therefore, I could work with different materials and colors based on my expectation. Meanwhile, 3D modelling could perfectly present my geometrical design not only in the reality but also in the digital world.’

Photo, Bowen Yao / Black Background Still Life, Elizabeth Lamark
IG: @s.w_wang


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