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SO MINT! Venus by Triin Kukk

Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn '19

SO MINT! is a series of posts on fresh graduates in fashion, jewellery and design from around the world. Handpicked by Current Obsession.

To perceive our surroundings we mostly rely on our eyes. In my research I look at how our attention directs our gaze. Our movements are relatively automatic as we follow well-worn paths; there are objects and phenomena, which consequently become almost invisible. We use them for what they were intended and attach no more significance to them. There are also things that we just do not want to see.

Sometimes the unexpected happens. You stumble upon something that makes you see things in a different way. Previously, I did not notice random bits of pipe lying around or fragments of rubber or lengths of cable, but I have started to see them now. Getting tangled up in cables opened up new and unusual horizons. These cables looked like strange artefacts, that coming apart from something could stop some activity. Temporary and random things form our everyday reality and by doing so they have become a permanent part of our environment.


One of the aims of the pieces is to show that when at first glance something appears to be one thing, in reality it may turn out to be something entirely different. Through the form the viewer receives a false message; miscommunication occurs and an illusion takes place, which could be compared to mimicry in nature. In order to be certain of what is the object made of you either have to pick it up or examine it carefully. You might feel the desire to touch, smell, bite or drop it to the floor.

Stone is exceptionally durable and therefore can be considered the most tangible form of time. Taking the characteristics of a found object, I transferred these by engraving them into the stone. Consequently these objects hold millions of years worth of information right up to today. Transient and unnoticeable they bear messages and with their apparently random form they are fragments from the fringes.

Black jade


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