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SO MINT! by Yu Fujiwara

Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp '21

SO MINT! is a series of posts on fresh graduates in fashion, jewellery and design from around the world. Handpicked by Current Obsession.

Presence means much more than interpretation nowadays. Tiny scintillation in this routine of everyday life. That’s the core of my work. Combine things that supposed to be not together, however, there are weird connections. There is no meaning, no message. There is only me as an artist and you as a viewer.

They are real pearls btw (condom)

Condom is the wearable daily object. Wearable piece with pearls isn’t it enough to call Jewellery?



In the name of moon, I’ll punish you! (machine)

So many contemporary jewellery pieces look hard to wear in daily life and the way to put on jewels became more and more varied. Is holding a way of wearing yet?



Tail pubic hair …? (Toothbrush)

Horse hair tooth brush became a trend for people who care about environmental issues. However, those hairs came from just above horse’s asshole. I found twisted humour in there so I combine with human pubic hair to make a drawing of dick with technique of micro mosaic. A hole at the end of the toothbrush is also a key of this piece because often wearability is just about a hole.



HIGETA soy sauce _ sheep (sheep)

I believe that wearer does not have to be always human. But does it matter if the wearer is alive or not...? Sheep has amazing canvas to put a lot of hair jewels. I made an image of bottle of HIGETA soy sauce on dead sheep (sheep rug ). HIGETA soy sauce discovered bacteria which if you inject to sheep, sheep hair will fall off by itself so no shaving to sheep.



Ukiyo-e porno skater

I got inspiration from the 90s movement in Japan called 'ground surfer (a wanna be surfer)'. A lot of young people just carried surfboard to look like a cool surfer in that time. I think a lot of teenagers still do the same thing with skateboard nowadays. I figured that the board does the same effort as jewellery or even more. more. Therefore, I made a skateboard with extra function to look even cooler. It draws graffiti when you skate. The graffiti is the famous Shunga by Hokusai Katsusika [Octopus and Shell Diver] 1814.


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