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SO MINT! Imaginary Inside by Lotta Snijder

HDK-Valand, Academy of Art and Design, Gothenburg '20

SO MINT! is a series of posts on fresh graduates in fashion, jewellery and design from around the world. Handpicked by Current Obsession.

Lotta Snijder is a jewellery artist working with themes related to the body.
Her Bachelor’s degree project Imaginary Inside is an investigation of the beauty that is hidden within the human body. Inspired by the connection between human and artificial organs, she has created a collection of bold contemporary jewellery.

The inside of the body is something you rarely see, but when you do, it often provokes a feeling of discomfort. However, when Lotta looked at man-made organs she did not get the same feeling of discomfort, which made it easier for her to see the shapes and patterns.
Through her artistic practice she demonstrates detailed abstract images of the almost secret world inside. The true beauty in the shapes of our organs.

The rich vibrant colours of her aluminium jewellery are created by using the colouring technique of anodizing. This also changed the properties of the material so that this normally soft metal becomes hard and resistant. The intricate textures were created by working with the traditional silversmithing techniques of chasing and repoussé but in a contemporary way.


Lotta chose to work with aluminium instead of silver. She wanted to challenge the historic view that the cost of the metal determined the perceived value and quality of a piece of jewellery.

The last image credits: Gmaro Magazine, photographer Anna Osk Erlingsdottir

Photography of images with white background by Natalie Greppi


IG: @lotta.snijder


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