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So What!

by Nadine Kuffner

‘In the hierarchy of materials used for jewellery, tin has a very low value. For my graduation work SO WHAT! this was an interesting aspect to work with and to talk about hierarchy as a social phenomenon.’

‘Using an unprecious material with a low melting temperature enabled me to work work freely with the liquid metal. There is no hierachy between me and the material. My hands tell or show the tin a possible way of becoming form, but at the end the material does what it wants and I have to accept the outcome it decids for. Together we created a choreografy of movement and form, a highly concentrated but quick and spontanious process. We drew lines and shapes, creating images or/and jewellery.’

‘Where does jewellery end where does a painting or a scultpture starts? SO WHAT! is an investigation of possibilites and limitations. It is a research of boarders and relationships between materials, the maker and the object, and where definitions of fine and applied arts are in question. Is a splash of liquid tin to create a necklace on the wall a piece of jewellery, a painting, or maybe even a performance? For sure it is an object talking about jewellery, the process of making and the expectations we have towards the craftmanship of jewellery makers. I am interested in the phenomena around the field of jewellery and how value is defined by material, knowledge, time and concept.’

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