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Jungle Mimicry

Talente'17 Nominees in Jewellery

Whether creating fashion work, conceptual imagery or still life, Olya Oleinic is all about figuratively re-fabricating her previously collected daily impressions. She finds mundane rituals equally valuable as invigorating experiences, which all together are part of a creative flow.

Keen on meticulously constructing her photographs, Olya starts with a well-thoughtout through idea, then moves on to sketching the images, constructing each one carefully for the certain angle of the camera and ultimately finalizing them with an extra layer of post production.


Born in a collapsing Soviet Union, having lived in London and currently based in Amsterdam, Olya is always about to step on a plane to explore some other place. Her most recent travel destinations include South Africa, where she created these series of work for CURRENT OBSESSION.


Inspired by the local landscapes and ever changing scenery of South Africa that often looks constructed as well, Olya has selected the jewelery that resembled elements of nature and played with integrating one into the other. Looking for harmony between natural and man-made is a thin red line that Olya carries throughout her work, and this series of work is no exception.

Julia Obermaier
Johee Han
Johee Han
Sari Räthel
Yausyo Hida
Carla Movia
Hanna Ryynänen

Talente 2017 Selectees in Jewellery:

Agustina Aguiar, Catalina Brenes, Zhilu Cheng, Lena Grabher, Marie Grewenig, Joohee Han, Yasuyo Hida, Gavy (Kahee) Jo, Katie Kameen, Kyung Jin Kim, Woo Jung Kim, Merlin Meremaa, Begoña Morales Lao, Carla Movia, Macarena Noya, Julia Obermaier, Holly O’Hanlon, Sari Räthel, Hanna Ryynänen, Susanne Schwarz,  Marta Švajdová, Xenia Walschikow

This photoshoot was first published in the #4 Current Obsession Paper, 2017


All photography by


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