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Harajuku kawaii fashion has attracted worldwide attention for its outrageous style rooted in 90s Tokyo and Harajuku youth street fashion. With Tokyo Monster, Asami Kiyokawa applies her personal touch to these street snaps to express the hearts and minds of the aimless youth.


Why do teenagers in every generation ornament themselves with clothing?


It’s as if they clad themselves in outfits to express their innermost darkness and thoughts, a personalised monster that wanders the city.


FRUiTS is a Tokyo street snap magazine from the 90s that featured teenagers in outrageous outfits. It had a profound influence on contemporary street culture and fashion.

世界のすべてを消し去りたい I want to wipe the world clean
私達は少女(永遠) We are little girls (forever)
朝から横断歩道を往復してる Stalking the crosswalk from first light
あなたの心臓まで見透かしたい I want to see inside your heart
頭ん中がほんとの世界 The real world is the one in my head
宇宙でひとりぼっちs Alone in the universe
本当は理解できないs I just don’t get it
俺だけが大丈夫 Only I’m OK
クラスではいじめられっこ Popular with bullies
暗闇の中で生きたい Let me live in darkness

Makiko Akiyama for Current Obsession
Translation by David Kracker


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