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Wasi Sani

Chequita Nahar

In the exhibition WASI SANI in Museum Arnhem, Chequita Nahar explores the different ways we wash ourselves and the world around us, and the role objects and language play in this process. The exhibition consists of both old and new work by Chequita Nahar. In addition, she has asked jewellery designer Luisa Kuschel to create new work that fits the theme.

Chequita Nahar is a Dutch jewellery designer, teacher and curator born in Paramaribo, Suriname in 1970. Her work is based on her bi–cultural background and a fusion of different cultural influences. In her jewellery, she combines Surinamese crafts and techniques with methods rooted in contemporary jewellery practice.

Chequita Nahar, Collier Obia; Porcelain plaster, silver, silicone, cotton cord, 2017
Chequita Nahar, CN2010-07 Kanga; Wood, porcelain, flax rope, 2010
Chequita Nahar, Collier CN2010-06 Okraai klara; Porcelain, wood, rope, 2010

Chequita Nahar is an important voice in the contemporary jewellery field through her involvement as a passionate teacher (Head of Fine Art and Design program, Maastricht Institute of Arts) and curator (Schmuck, 2020). As a key promoter of diversity and inclusion in art education, she has sparked discussion in the field and ensured that the jewelry world is included. By awarding her the prize, the Françoise van den Bosch Foundation wishes to recognize, encourage and ensure that her artistic practice and educational efforts reach a wide audience.

FRANÇOISE VAN DEN BOSCH PRIZE The Françoise van den Bosch Foundation is committed to supporting contemporary jewellery design. The foundation does this through acquisitions, an artist–in–residency program and the Françoise van den Bosch Award. This is bestowed biannually to a leading international jewellery artist. In 1980, the fi rst Françoise van den Bosch Award was awarded to Paul Derrez. Over forty years later, in 2023, Chequita Nahar will receive the award. Read more about the Françoise van den Bosch Foundation here:


Made possible by Creative Industries Fund NL.

Cover image: Blaw Klara, Chequita Nahar, 2023, porcelain



Exhibition Date: 05.11 – 03.12.2023

Museum Hours: Tuesday–Sunday, 11:00–17:00

Location: Museum Arnhem–Utrechtseweg 87, 6812 AA Arnhem, Netherlands



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