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BA Fashion Jewellery at London College of Fashion Graduation Show 2015

Juefang Yang

I always get inspirations from everyday objects, and I quite enjoy the process of exploring their forms and materials and reimagining them into a fashion jewellery context and the fashion accessories artifact in the broadest sense. I believe the perception of an object can be altered when the object is redesigned, so in my point of view, anything can become a piece of jewellery or artifact. My final degree collection examines linking and connections which integrating 3D print, CNC, stone cutting, casting and plating. Drawing inspiration from contemporary manufacturing processes and everyday mass produced objects, my final project is concerned with the concept of reimagining familiar machined objects, such as manufactured tools, components and fittings, into a fine jewellery context to creates a multi-referential content and reinvests the objects with new meanings.

Cara Duerden

Interacting relationships-
Tool + Process
Tool + Material
Tool + Body of the craftsman

Rachel Lam

Shuangshuang Wang

Inspired by early 20th Century Freak Shows.
Photography by Annie Lai, Model Alexandra karpova


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