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+ Critical Plus +

Inspired by contemporary nomadic youth lifestyle Critical + creates work that aggressively engages with the everyday reality. Critical + is a web platform that just launched in Amsterdam (and soon in Rotterdam) by two jewellers Annika Pettersson (SE), Adam Grinovich (US) and a product designer Charles Mathis (US).
We loved the #1 collection for a weird mix of essential, fashionable, spiritual and absurd objects.
Amsterdam’s Langgewagt squat residents, Annika and Adam know exactly what kind of kids they have in mind when designing these objects. Often made from existing ready-mades, these objects deny waste and overproduction.
Portable glowing Christ, ready to be clamped on any surface, custom-made square cigarettes, lovingly packed in an awesome cascading box and many more expressive, useless and useful objects are there for you to marvel at and buy!

There aren’t many fashionable options for emergency rainwear. Our answer is a specially-coated Tyvek poncho, featherlight, extremely packable and just the thing for flash floods, festivals or urban commutes.

Edition of 5
Design Critical +

A glowing Christ, lovingly held within His own cathedral, ready to be clamped to any surface.

Edition of 10
Design Critical +

Want to make an impression at the next party? Stand out from the crowd with our designer cigarettes, lovingly creased, packed, gilded and nestled in a distinctive box. Each box contains 10 cigarettes.


Edition unlimited
Design Critical +

When we came across this fantastically colored composite rubber we intuitively knew that it was perfect for a belt. It was traded for a contact lens, and the rest is history. Made to size.


Edition of 100
Design Adam Grinovich, Charles Mathis

The first thing to get lost at parties is your favorite lighter. Make sure you never lose your fire, while wearing a distinctively functional piece of jewelry.


Edition of 100
Design Annika Pettersson

Beautifully functional objects are tossed into the trash every day. We find these steel containers and transform them into ideal apartment speakers. Sold as a pair. Bluetooth enabled.


Edition of 50
Design Critical +

We have noticed a severe lack of decent looking ‘Water pipes’ on the market, so decided to produce our own. All useless adornment and cliches have been removed, resulting in a special object that can be appreciated for its formal elegance while at the same time functioning as well as anything currently on the market. 3d-printed in black satin ceramic. Removable glass slide included.


Edition of 100
Design Critical +

This pouch is inspired by a group of street youths in downtown Rotterdam. Adjustable to fit around the neck or to be slung around the shoulder. Leather and steel hardware assure its safety in perilous environments.


Edition of 3
Design Adam Grinovich


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