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Dutch Design Week’13 vol.1

It’s autumn! This means, it is Dutch Design Week! Every year, for one week in October, the whole Eindhoven city transforms itself into an exhibition ground. Home to some of the most well-known Dutch Designers and host to the world reknown design school, the Design Academy Einhdoven, we see the exhibition ground expands wider and wider throughout the city each year.


What sets this design event apart from the rest is not only it’s ever growing list of designers, alumni of the Design Academy but this is the design event where you are able to meet and greet the creators, visiting their work spaces and experiencing design as part of the community. Enough said, in this week, we will select some of the most interesting exhibitions, works and experience and share it with you!

this year we are greeted by the shipping crates of studio Job throughout the city, intentionally tagged with quotes like, ‘is a cunt, is a jerk...’

This first day of a Design Week, what do we do? We go to openings! But before all that begins, let’s step up into the Lichttoren and have a good look at the city from above.

As we move down to the first floor of the Lichttoren, we catch the marvellous exhibition by Vlisco, a famous Dutch textile company which produces Batek on 100% cotton since 1846. This is the first time ever Vlisco shares the rich history of the company, tales of their fabrics and previews of their new range of products in an exhibition hence the title – Vlisco Unfolded.

the entrance of the exhibition - Vlisco Unfolded
from sketch to print
Hommage a l’Art by Tomi Oladipo
Unseen Collection, August 2013
tunnel of photographs from some of the advertising campaigns
Sample Books, 1850-1920 production samples
Sample Books, 1850-1920 production samples

And then… there was the opening of the Modebelofte at the Kazerene, where Current Obsession is currently exhibiting!

opening speech by Ellen Albers, owner of the YOU ARE HERE store

The Kazerne is an old fire department building. During the Dutch Design Week, the Kazerne hosts the Modebelofte, showcasing fashion and technology, a fine dining restaurant and a design exhibtion by Moon en Co.

shattered glass tranformed into jewellery and accessories
shattered glass tranformed into jewellery and accessories
Afke Goldstein & Floris Bakker
Afke Goldstein & Floris Bakker

From an old building, we move to one of the most modern architecture in the city, the Van Abbe Museum. This year, the Van Abbe Museum open it’s doors to the public by showcasing part of the Design Academy graduates, a selection of works from recent graduates of European design schools and exploration of materials.

Royal Amateur Expedition Society, Rural is Radical by Tom Gottelier (RCA, London)
Plastic samples
Plastic samples
Drawn from Clay by Atelier NL
The Second Self Loboratory by Jan Pieter Kaptein. A goodbye kiss!

After looking at some amazing works and having some drinks with the different mascots of Jan Pieter Kaptein’s the Second Self Laboratory, we move on to our final opening of the day, Objects to Play. This takes place in a new industrial part of the city which is shifting into a creative hub, Strijp-T. Every year, Objects display works of a group of designers evolving a theme, last year was money and this year, play!

Formation Carpet by OS ∆ OOS
Spikkeld by Aukje Fleur Janssen
Shift, Split, Slide by Lex Pott
we don’t just drink at an opening, we eat, Glitter Pumpkin Lollipops presented by the lovely Lotte van Wulfften Palthe

Finally, we bid you goodbye from the Ketelhuisplein’s gigantic rain boots!!! Something which comes in very handy in this city!

Text and images by Jing, Malaysia-born Netherlands-based designer/multimaker and the Queen of Everything.
Current Obsession


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