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A group of punks that happened to be all women

In the centre of Stockholm, a vacant space of a former laundromat became a temporary studio for eleven artists. According to the founder of this collective feminist exhibition called Misschiefs, Paola Bjäringer, it is not hazardous that these are all women; she believes that they are the ones who are leading the way and are representing a ‘new kind of Swedishness’. Misschiefs Takeover is a rescue initiative for these artists in times of global economic crisis. It is not only about bringing these artists together but about introducing the public to the process of making art.

Paola Bjäringer, photos by Cassie Abraham


“Welcome to the red and white universe of Grebnellaw complete with subatomic beauty, futuristic sex, and the biggest costumes in the whole galaxy! That’s pretty much how I usually introduce myself. I’m a participatory performance art act and I work with music, performance, and visual art. I have an open studio here at Misschiefs where I’m creating a little bit every day and I’m testing things, other mediums than I might not test otherwise.”


Dream Woman CV

“I wanted to work with quilting. The quilts are inspired by clay tablets from a couple of thousand years before Christ that list different occupations within the textile industry. So I kind of made my own quilt CV title listing with various titles for perhaps a woman like a mattress queen, chief of staff, junior priestess or senior dream girl…”


“During the Misschiefs Takeover, my practice evolves around sculptural paintings and 3D, abstract images. Working abstractly allows me to explore intimacy. Right now, I’m quite interested in transformations and personal transformations. And within that I found myself being drawn to certain colours which represent the state I’m in.”


Under Pressure

“I actually have a really fitting project to work on here. This used to be an old laundry place and I had just been experimenting with a project called Under Pressure when I’m using this press machine that you use for your sheets when you want them flat. And they did that sort of thing here as well in the former laundromat. So I just took this and my sewing machines here and basically what I do is that I’m throwing garments with like attachment pieces into the machine and it comes out completely wrinkled and when they come out, I put them in my embroidery machine. It’s about the pressure of time and money, all kinds of pressure. It’s a very literal project.”


“My name is Elisabeth Ohlson and I work together with Nike Markelius. I’m a photographer and artist and Nike is an artist and musician. Together we work on Klittpower, an interdisciplinary exhibition that will happen next year. We are both soon 60 years old but we use our bodies in the pictures even if we are not supposed to pose like that anymore. We deal with difficult subjects like #meetoo-revolution, age, or sexism. This is the first time I work with somebody, we are also a couple in our private life, and it’s a new and really interesting experience!”


“I’m an artist living in Stockholm and I work with video, sculptures, and paintings. A little bit of this and that. In the project I’m working on now I’m thinking about the history of this place, but also about the current situation and the obsessive cleanliness and how the cleanliness is linked to our appearance. You should look a certain way to get a certain job or everything is supposed to be clean… It’s all about appearance and image. So I’m working on a partly hallucinogenic project here.”

This article was produced in connection with Stockholm Craft Week 1-4 October 2020


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