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Octave Vandeweghe: Cosmic Gestures

at Valerie Traan Antwerp

In Cosmic Gestures the artist Octave Vandeweghe (1988) delves deeper into superstitions and spiritualism surrounding minerals and stones. Gestures of adornment and the magical properties that people have bestowed upon stones over the centuries, intrigued the artist and led him to create a series of object-artifacts.


Vandeweghe’s work continues to explore the tension between nature and culture, and exhibits a fascination with human habits and prehistoric tools. By establishing a connection between the evolution of a flint knife, a menhir, a teeth necklace and a crystal, the artist investigates how the primitive is still dominant today.


Blowing up the tools in scale, he creates stone sculptures which acquire a mystical quality, becoming vessels archaic of energy.



“When I am creating things and some stone breaks, I try to engage it and enhance this brokenness.” – Octave Vandeweghe

The work is a continuation of a previous project, Cultured Manners, where Octave transformed gemstones into cutlery, creating poetic tension between functionality and beauty.

The exhibition Cosmic Gestures runs through June 22 at valerie_traan gallery

Images by Ligia Poplawska


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