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Black Forest — by Johannes Bauer

Situated in the rear countryside of the south-western part of Germany, there is the region of the Black Forest. Where once the Romans fought against the Celts nowadays numerous high-tech companies are based. The ambiguous mix of aspects led to a photographic story that illustrates how differently this region can be perceived. Throughout a versatile mix of photographs, from handcraft to metaphors over architecture, a play with the places identity and a more contemporary visual image is created.

In early 2016, Current Obsession had the opportunity to become a ‘client’ for a group of ECAL Photography Master students, who were asked to create photographic narratives especially for the #5 Vernacular Issue. Six students: Johannes Bauer, Vilhelm Björndahl, Nicolas Garner, Maria Grazia Grasso, Senta Simond and Laura Zoccarato, were guided by the talented Dutch photographer Lonneke van der Palen. During the course of applied photography, every student needed to be able to bring a personal and artistic approach to a commissioned project. We feel honoured to be able to work with such talented group and thrilled to share the results of this collaboration.


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