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TALENTE’14 Nominees

Photography by Linda Beumer

“For the past 5 years I was and still am a jury member at Talente, the international competition for young talent no older than 33. It is quite remarkable to be seen as a young talent at that age, having regard to the fact that students graduating are getting younger and younger. During these years I have seen some exceptional and intriguing work, which shows that craft nowadays is more than just good handwork and skills.

It is about innovative techniques, social and sustainable context. It is about objects of desire and tradition, about products or concepts that raise questions. And above all it is about storytelling and authorship.”

Introduction by Chequita Nahar

WINNER: Patrícia Correia Domingues
 “Untitled” Serie “Duality ”
Brooch Reconstruted wood, Steel
, 2013 Photography of the brooch by Manuel Ocaña
WINNER: Lauren Vanessa Tickle $54.00 and $22.00 US Dollars, Currency Converted, Brooch US Currency, Silver, Latex, Monofilament and Surgical Steel Size Varies, 2012
Steven Gordon Holman Geode Torque, 2013, Neckpiece Dugway geodes, bonze, steel, u-bolt
Yun-Chin Hsu Aesthetic of Fears, Ring
3D and Mask
3D print clear resin, color dye, latex
Liu Xiao
 The Rice Stone-40130721 and Stone-2120130711 Rice, dust, silver
Christine Bukkehave
 Door to the past and Weeping tree, Brooches
Driftwood, amber, 18kt gold, marine varnish, 2013
Jing He brooch, Brooch Ready-made(openers), remanium, bending Ready-made(egg beater, opener), remanium, cutting, bending Ready-made(openers) remanium, bending
Tammy Young Eun Kim Formation, Brooch and Growth, Brooch 3-D printed Alumide, brass, steel and Dyed 3-D printed sandstone


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