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Author: Marina Elenskaya

Göran Kling

Hydromania by Danielle Karlikoff


SO MINT! Crimes against Nature by Shayli Harrison and Sophia de Groot

Foul Play by Corrina Goutos

SO MINT! Can You Handle This? by Sabira Silcock

SO MINT! 250m of Curb Chain by Cleo Van Woensel

SO MINT! The First Time He Kissed a Boy by Nathan Klein

SO MINT! In the Spot on the Wall by Carolin Volz

SO MINT! TheNEWtribe by Kalkidan Hoex

New Guard Is Here


SO MINT! Hybrid by Michelle Zwinkels

Museum Volkenkunde: Jewellery – made by, worn by

Rijksmuseum: Treasure Hunt Tour

Stedelijk Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch: Fire House Sky Table Flower


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