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Gerrit Rietveld Academy Jewellery Department Graduates

SO MINT! bundles and blanks and binds and bends by Steven KP

SO MINT! Conscious Wearing by Katie Gibbon

SO MINT! ‘Give Me A Hand?’ Kigen Kamijima

SO MINT! Doux Leurre by Pauline Müller

SO MINT! Isabella Maroon

SO MINT! Sublime Devastation by Carolin Dieler

SO MINT! Image and Painting Black by Asako Takahashi

SO MINT! Hannah Oatman

SO MINT! Hannah Bourn

SO MINT! Jumble Gym by Stefan Gougherty

Munich Jewellery Week 2020

Social Media Jewelry by IsabelitaVirtual and Berta Sumpsi

SO MINT! Pixel Gems by Lauren Eckert

SO MINT! Inner Space by Simona Svitkova

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