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Gender Blender

by Sari Räthel

Graduation collection GENDER BLENDER by the fresh Royal College of Art graduate Sari Räthel’s has already caught a lot of attention and just received the prestigious ITS Jewelry Award.

Gender theorist Judith Butler claims that gender is a social construction we are born into and copy from our parents and surroundings, but not something we necessarily have a choice about how we enact in life.

This project is interrogating this idea by enabling the wearer to ‘try on’ their gender in a fictional wardrobe full of jewellery items, which embody stereotypically gendered body parts. Offering them the accessories to change it or enhance it, depending on how they feel or want to appear. The pieces are inspired by breasts, hips, balls, broad shoulder and the Adam’s apple but also adorn areas which normally get cosmetically modified to fit into social expectations like the armpit, the nails and the ear canal.


Photography: Eliška Kyselová
Model: Jika Edström, Niall Reynolds
Hair & Make-up: Roro Cuenca
Assistants: Desirée Slabik, Phoebe Argent, Isla Macer Law
Technical Assistant: Simon Ward


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